Eventing is a three-phase equestrian competition, a horse triathlon. This is an equestrian event where a single horse and rider combination compete against other combinations across the three disciplines of dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. By joining Jodi Hemry Eventing, a sponsorship would guarantee positive advertising of products, through a variety of online and offline publicity. By becoming a sponsor your company will have the ability to enhance positive promotion in products Jodi chooses.

Sponsorships include:
Advertising on our web site with a front page display of your company logo and link directly to your website, making easy access for any potential clients.
Wide exposure including live srtream events, newspapers, magazines and interviews.
Advertising on the our horse trailer which travels to most of the Nation's widespread equestrian events.
Advertising on horse and rider items, including clothing, jackets, hats, sweaters, rugs and saddle cloths.
The horse's strength and powerfrul stride is a wonderful positive image for promotional purposes.


"I found Seminole Feed when I was looking for a solution to my picky, sensitive 3 star horse's weight issues. Since "In Style" has been on Seminole Wellness Show & Sport, his appetite has increased dramatically. His weight has balanced for the first time at this level and his body/coat look fantastic. I now feed all the horses in my program from beginner novice to advanced Seminole Feeds and they all look and act like healthy, happy horses! I couldn't be happier with Seminole products!" - Jodi Hemry


"We are very excited to work with Voltaire Design as our saddlery company. We are impressed with the quality of these saddles! They are extremely comfortable and put you in the a very secure position for both jumping and dressage. They offer many different customizations to both the fit and look of the saddle. You can have Voltaire make each saddle to fit a particular horse/rider or you can go with a more general saddle to fit as many horses/riders as possible. " - Jodi Hemry


Riders need sponsorship to be able to continue their careers and companies need riders to enhance positive product promotion. Sponsoring Jodi Hemry was a decision that came easily for me. I was able to observe Jodi work with a horse from the begining of his foundations to Rolex Qualification in 2014. The turnaround was simply incredible. It was a true testament to her ability. Jodi takes horses from building a trusting foundation to thorough triaining and produce a horse the right way from the ground up.

Interested in joining the supportive force behind Jodi Hemry Eventing? Please reach out to us on our contact page to discuss your needs!