03/10 Full Gallop Farm (ON) - Lucky Luciano 1st

03/10 Apple Tree Farm CT (OP) - Flynn 2nd

03/10 Apple Tree Farm CT (ON) - Lucky Luciano 1st

02/19 Sporting Days Farm (OP) - Flynn 13th

02/19 Paradise Farm (OT) - Flynn 3rd

02/12 Pine Top HT (ON) - Lucky Luciano 7th

02/02 StableView HT (OT) - Flynn 13/40


11/07 Poplar Place HT (OT) - Flynn 3rd

11/01 Full Gallop HT (OT) - Flynn 4th

09/26 StableView HT (ON) - Flynn 1st

09/10 Poplar Place HT (ON) - Flynn 5th

08/29 Chattahoochee Hills (ONA) - Flynn 2nd

04/17 Pine Top HT - (Advanced) - In Style 29/43

03/22 Poplar Place - (CIC3*)- In Style 12

02/20 Pine Top HT - (Advanced) - In Style 29/43


10/15 Fairhill 3 Day Event -(CCI3*)- In Style 33/53

9/19 Plantation CIC and HT -(CIC3*)- In Style 36/52

8/23 Richland Park (CIC3*)- In Style 17/28

8/3 Millbrook HT (A)- In Style 26/46

7/12 Chattahoochee Hills (OI)- In Style, 2nd

5/16 CHC International Chatt Hills (A)- In Style, 2nd

4/4 The Fork HT, (A)- In Style, 7/20

3/22 Southern Pines HT, (A)- In Style, 21/40

3/5 Red Hills HT(OI)- In Style, 10th

2/21 Pine Top HT(IR)- In Style, 3rd


Jodi Hemry grew up in Montana riding horses on her parents' farm. After receiving her bachelor's degree in Agricultural Business from Colorado State University, she decided to pursue her passion for horses. Jodi moved to Massachusetts and became a working student for Torrance Watkins, 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist. She also worked for Jim Stamets and ran a boarding facility in Hamilton, MA for 2 years. From there, she had an opportunity to work for an advanced level event trainer in Aiken, SC. During this time, Jodi met Kim Severson, 2004 Silver Olympic Medalist. Jodi continues to train with Kim Severs and Bonnie Mosser to further her education riding event horses. Now located at Pine Ridge Stables in the heart of the city of Aiken, SC, Jodi has competed successfully through the 3*** Level in eventing. In 2015 she qualified for the Rolex 3 Day Eventing with In Style, and completed the Fair Hill Spring International CCI3***. In 2014 she completed the Fairhill International's Fall CCI3***, the Richland Park CIC3***, Plantation CIC3***. Jodi completed the CCI2** Fairhill horse trials in 2013, and the CIC2** Jersey Fresh in both 2013 & 2011, and has also placed in the top ten at Morven Park CCI* and Poplar Place Farm CIC*.


Jodi's main focus is starting green horses and moving them up the levels in eventing. She believes in giving the horse the basics in dressage and confidence over fences, adjusting her program to the horses' individual needs. Jodi's methods include flatwork, lunging, gymnastics, course work over fences, cross country schooling, and fitness work. Jodi believes in teaching her horses a good work ethic in the arena and giving them enjoyable days out on the trails. She is always continuing her education to give her horses the best possible ride. Jodi trains with Bonnie Mosser and Kim Severson throughout the year. During the summer, fall, and winter months Jodi travels to further her education and training with upper level riders. In addition, Jodi travels with her horses competing at some of the most well known events from Maryland to Florida. Through her training and competitions, Jodi and her horses are exposed to some of the best horsemanship in the country. Jodi's goals for the future are to be successfully competitive at the 3*** levels of eventing as well as helping her students to achieve their riding goals.

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"Jodi did an awesome job on with matching me with my new riding partner. I find her to be dedicated, trustworthy not to misrepresent a horse, and just a pleasure to deal with. You can't go wrong working with her."
- Susan Royal
"I cannot say enough great things about Jodi, her horses, and her training! I purchased a horse through her about two years ago and the whole process was simple, straightforward and easy. I have since continued to train with her and she is always willing to do whatever it takes to help me get to the next level. If you need a place to board, sell or train your horse, you've found it!"
- Susanna Hearn
"[About Stormy] You had the most beautiful relaxed and happy connection with him. He had so much faith in what you were asking him. That sense of confidence you gave him has endured. What he is now is every dream I could have had for him."
Margaret Armendariz
"I cannot begin to describe all of the wonderful experiences I have had here. I knew very little about dressage and cross country but Jodi quickly changed that with her wonderful lesson program. She is also incredibly attentive to each horse's needs whether it is her own horse or a brand new sales horse. Every horse on her property is kept to a high standard of care and monitored for specific needs."
- Wesleigh Gwinn